Flexible bollards are especially useful in tight situations and high-traffic areas, where minor collisions often occur. A flexible bollard at the end of a parking stall is a visible stop that will neither be damaged nor do damage to vehicles that bump it. In parking garages and on ramps with tight turns, flexible bollards are excellent traffic separators, keeping most drivers on their appointed paths while allowing large freight trucks to drive over them during lane-spanning turns.


Increasingly, urban planners are searching for ways to create protected bike lanes that allow emergency vehicle access to curbside. Thick flexible bollards are hard for motorists to ignore, as they cause a loud thump on contact, but the bollards flex out of the way when an ambulance or fire truck must reach the sidewalk.

This is the main reason why traffic specialist’s focus on finding more ways in which driver awareness can be boosted, a critical factor that can prevent car accidents. In addition, some experiments revealed that one of the best ways of preventing collisions are flexible bollards. They can become life savers if positioned correctly in a heavily trafficked area.